Empowering long-term change.

The catastrophic effects of Hurricane Fiona exposed the enduring impacts of previous climate and political disasters, such as failing public infrastructure and lack of policies that guarantee the well-being of people in Puerto Rico.

María Fund and 8 social justice organizations partnered to provide immediate relief and support to some of the most impacted and historically marginalized communities.

Together known as the Fiona Community Response Fund, these organizations will continue to partner for long-term systemic change on the island beyond the immediate relief stage.

Relief and Recovery

The power of organizing.

This emergency fund allowed organizations to work together to provide hundreds of people in their communities throughout Puerto Rico with immediate support, from access to electricity and water, to one-on-one support to protect their rights.

In phase 1 of the Fiona Fund, more than $1.5 million in direct support was dispersed to the ground.

More than $1.5 million in direct support

To guarantee access to energy:
organizations provided generators, portable solar systems, gasoline and more.

To guarantee food and water:
basic groceries were distributed & community kitchens were set up.

To guarantee home and health:
for example, hundreds of mattresses & specialized health equipment were delivered for those who needed it most urgently.

To provide all of this support to the community, community leaders:

  • developed needs assessments,
  • advocated for changes in policy
  • organized workshops to support people applying for FEMA and
  • some developed their own cash assistance program for most impacted community members.
Support from our people, for our people

The power of community.

We are a diverse group of community and social justice organizations who have been organizing in the context of climate & political disasters. For years, we have been collectively responding to issues ranging from the Fiscal Control Board, to Hurricane Maria to earthquakes. Our roots in our community guide us as we transition from immediate Fiona response to long-term recovery from these various compounding crises.

See below for more specific information on how the Fiona Community Response Fund partners have allocated funds so far.

  • $450,000 invested in diesel, gasoline, power generators, food, and more
  • Logistic support for 8 organizations of the Fiona Community Fund and their networks
  • Elderly centers supported in Aibonito, Ponce, Mayagüez, Barranquitas and Salinas
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  • 949 families of educators supported
  • 400 requests received from federates
  • 127 checks distributed to federated teachers
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  • 1,600 people in 18 communities served
  • Food delivery, electric generators, construction materials, among others
  • Community census to align support
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  • 30 cleaning brigades
  • 35 farmers receiving supplementary income for five months
  • Food distribution and infrastructure support provided
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  • 700 people legal support brigades
  • 224 volunteers trained to provide guidance on FEMA applications
  • 130 groceries purchases delivered
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  • 4,095 families assisted
  • 211 families supported with cleaning brigades
  • 67 families supported with essential items
  • 12 community kitchens in 5 municipalities
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  • 1,688 people supported
  • 36 families accompanied
  • 3,290 hot meals delivered
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  • Fundraising efforts for relief and recovery
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  • Fundraising and resource mobilization to strengthen the power of our people, with more than $1.5 million
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